Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We have the answer to all your fears. It's short, it's simple, it's crystal clear

I feel like such a yuppie/hipster/art snob.
I'm doing a powerpoint on Susan Rothenberg and I am a powerpoint master. Using all my super cool fonts and Picnik. The only thing that could make it more hipster was if I made it on Erick's Macbook.
Then I started listening to Nick Cave and I'm in love with this one song and am listening to it over and over. All I need now is a knitted cap, a Starbucks coffee (which actually does sound good right about now...), and some thrift store threads and I'd be I write my blog.... :D :D

I love it, and I also love this Rothenberg painting like whoa.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How do you say "Please put me out of my misery" in Spanish?

So now that I've put some what of a dent in my World Civ homework it's time to work on the vast amount of Spanish I have to do.
Which is going to be the real kicker because I really hate this class more then all my other classes. It has really been the true source of what has burned me out.
And this video sums up exactly how I feel about it...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"My ship would leave the country, But I'd rather swim ashore"

This is pretty much it for this semester. And this should be a big relief except that I have a boat load of work to do in the next four days. And I don’t mean a canoe sized boat, or even a tug boat sized boat…I mean one of those behemoth sized vessels. Like the Royal Caribbean cruise ships that look like they can house their own civilization. That size.

I can’t wait to be done with this semester. I’ve never hated school more then this semester and I’ve had some pretty cruddy semesters.

But anyways.

I leave you with this image, speaking of boats and what not.

It’s freezing. And unless I get some snow out of this I’m going to grumble about it.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Behind the name

“You’re just as sane as I am.”

Who? What? Why?

If you’re geeky awesome enough, you already know the “Who”.
Luna Lovegood.
For those unfortunate enough to not have the pleasure of knowing who Luna is, she is a student of Hogwarts, and companion to Harry Potter.

This quote is in her very first lines as she assures Harry he is not the only person who sees the Thestrals (creatures invisible to those who have not witnessed death.)

Luna Lovegood has to be my favorite character in the series, and for many reasons. She’s quirky, different, silly, sometimes misunderstood, doesn’t let anything get her down, and is just down right awesome. (I would kill for those radish earrings.)
Another part of the why comes from relating to her in some ways and especially relating to this quote.
Sometimes I feel like I’m quirky, sometimes I feel like I’m not all right in the head, and then sometimes I feel like I’m the only sane person out there. And really…we all have our issues, our quirks, and our bouts of sanity.

You’re just as sane as I am.

It’s really mostly a reminder for me that I’m not this strange being who is different, disconnected, and detached from the rest of the universe. Everyone has the same desires, and fears. I’m unique but not different, and I don’t have to fit into a particular mold, trend, or fashion to exist happily.

Now I just have to keep telling myself that.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello 4 am, long time no see.

Well...kind of...I saw 4 am on Friday, but I was waking up to go to work...not staying up till 4 am.
I guess now that I'm starting to feel a tiny bit better from my sickness I don't have the desire to sleep for 12 to 13 hours at a time. Plus I didn't take NyQuil or Benedryl. And I had like 5 cans of Coke today after not having it for days and days.
I decided on a whim at around maybe 2 am to start this blog. My lovely husband has started his own blog as a form of...releasing creativity? creative therapy? just to do it? However you want to put it, it's a good idea.

So I decided to try it myself. I used to write in many physical diaries when I was a kid and then as I got older I was a junkie for all things internet journaling. I can't even remember all the websites I had accounts on. Then I just stopped, mostly because all I did was whine since I was an angry emo teenager and I realized the stuff I was writing wasn't helping. Plus I was in college and became busy with failing classes and working. But anyways, a lot has changed since that time. "A lot" being an understatement. And now I am having finish line syndrome. It's a term I made up. I get it every semester, or at the end of every project. I see the finish line, I'm almost there and it's like "that's close enough" and all my motivation, all my drive and desire just disappears into thin air like I never even had it. The burn out is complete. And this is bad.
I have this stupid book review I need to have done and submitted on Monday on top of modules after modules to do in the next week. And then I have work and a dirty house that require my attention.
And I know this is it, the final stretch, after this I'm done til January, so I should just get it all done and over with but it's like I'm a car who's ran out of gas a block from the gas station.

SO! The point of my rambling and this whole deal....

I need to feel useful. All but one of my classes are completely pointless as I changed my major (again) after I started the classes. So I'm doing all this work for nothing. On top of not liking all but one of my classes. And on top of having no time to do anything like write something that I want to write, or paint or any of that. So for the time being, and probably definitely in the Spring semester, I have to create something or I will explode or curl up in the fetal position. Even if it's as simple as a blog post, or editing a photo or something.

So there. That's why I wasted spent time creating this blog, editing the photo for the top of it, and writing this post. Now...maybe, just maybe, I can get some homework done. Oh how I loath school right now, but it must be done.

(By the way I had/have a Tumblr but I think I agree with my husband that Blogger is much easier to personalize, plus I used to have a wedding blog on it back in the day so I'm comfortable with it.)